Mg2+ Longlife Filter

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Mg2+Longlife Filter

The BWT range includes the perfect cartridge for all standard table filter systems, up to a filter capacity of 120 litres.


Refill cartridges come complete with three refill bags - perfect for environment-friendly and cost-conscious consumers.


Mg2+ technology for better taste.

Pre-Filter: A fine pre-filter mesh prevents larger particles from entering the filter media.

Activated Carbon: Fine activated carbon granules provide a huge surface area and act like magnets, attracting chlorine and other organic matter.

Ion Exchange: Ion exchange resin beads attract scale forming substances and heavy metals including lead and copper


Technical Information

Outer casing: PP

Filter material: Activated Carbon, Patented Mg2+ ion exchange resin

Fits 2.5 and 2.7 litre jugs Cartridge life 28 days or 120 Litres

Dimensions: 264 x 114 x 287 mm

Will fit into Jugs which take Brita Maxtra TM

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